A subclass of Pool<T> that supports GameObjects.

If the objects implement the IPoolable interface they will be notified when they’re spawned and despawned.

If you need multiple IPoolable components in an instance to be notified take a look at the PoolableGroup component.

Multiscene support

When a pool is created you can set multiscene support to either off or on.

If it’s off the pool will reside in the current active scene. If the scene is unloaded the pool itself along with any despawned instances will be destroyed along with the scene.

If it’s on, it will instead be marked as DontDestroyOnLoad and despawned instances will survive any scene unloading.


Creating the pool

var myPool = new GameObjectPool<SomeMonobehaviour>(somePrefab, multiScene:true);

We can also control the instantiating ourselves by using the overload with a factory method:

var myPool = new GameObjectPool<SomeMonobehaviour>("MyPoolName", multiScene:true, () =>
    var instance = Object.Instantiate(somePrefab);
    instance.SomeFloat = 3f;
    return instance;


SomeMonobehaviour somePrefabInstance = myPool.Spawn();

// or

var position = new Vector3(0, 0, 5);
var rotation = Quaternion.Euler(0, 0, 90);
var parent = someTransform;
SomeMonobehaviour somePrefabInstance = myPool.Spawn(position, rotation, parent);



You can also despawn objects after a delay:

// despawns after 1 sec in scaled time
myPool.Despawn(somePrefabInstance, 1f);

// unscaled time
myPool.Despawn(somePrefabInstance, 1f, true);

Destroying the pool

You can destroy the pool and any despawned items it contains by calling Dispose().

myPool = null;


Simple bullet pool

public class Bullet : MonoBehaviour
    public Vector3 Position;
    public Vector3 Velocity;
    public event Action<Bullet, Collider> Impact;

    void Update()
        Position += Velocity * Time.deltaTime;

    void OnTriggerEnter(Collider otherCollider)
        Impact(this, otherCollider);

public class Gun : MonoBehaviour
    public float BulletSpeed = 5;
    public float BulletLifeTime = 10;
    public Bullet BulletPrefab;

    private GameObjectPool<Bullet> _bulletPool;

    void Awake()
        _bulletPool = new GameObjectPool<Bullet>(BulletPrefab, multiScene:false);

    void OnDestroy()
        _bulletPool = null;

    void Fire()
        var bullet = _bulletPool.Spawn();
        bullet.Position = transform.position;
        bullet.Velocity = transform.forward * BulletSpeed;
        bullet.Impact += OnImpact;

        // despawn the bullet after a delay if it hasn't already been despawned
        _bulletPool.Despawn(bullet, BulletLifeTime);

    void OnImpact(Bullet bullet, Collider otherCollider)
        bullet.Impact -= OnImpact;